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2016 DLC Covert MP8 Trail Camera
2016 DLC Covert MP8 Trail Camera
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Product Description

2016 DLC Covert MP8 Trail Camera

Covert MP8

Do not be fooled by the size and cost of the MP8. It is loaded with most of the same features as Coverts Extreme Series Scouting Cameras.

This Covert MP8 trail camera has adjustable MP range of 3, 5 and 8 MP. This along with a trigger speed of .9 seconds and 1-10 Turbo Shot Burst. The Covert MP8 Scouting camera can use a up to a 32 GB SD card which makes it capable of storing thousands of photos before needing to change the SD card.

The MP8 has video capabilities also. You can chose from VGA(640X480) or QVGA(320X240). Covert MP8 can record video lengths of 5-60 seconds. Just remember that the longer the video the more storage need on the SD card.

To view your Photos and Videos you can view them in the field by using the 1” COLOR viewer built into the Covert MP8 Trail Camera or eject the SD card and take it to the comforts of your home or Camp and view it on any computer or tablet that is has SD capabilities.

The MP 8 has 28 red glow LEDs, along with the time lapse and start stop modes! The MP8 is the perfect little trail camera for those of us that are on a budget!


  • 3-5-8mp
  • Dimensions: 5.1in x 4in x 2.9in
  • .9 trigger speed
  • 1-10 turbo shot burst
  • Up to 32GB SD card
  • 1” color viewer
  • 28 infrared led’s
  • Time lapse capability
  • Time/date/temp/moon phase stamp
  • Pipe through security
  • Reinforced tripod mount

    Operates on 4 or 8 AA batteries

    Covert MP8's can function short term on 4AA batteries. We suggest you use 8AA batteries to maximize camera performance and battery life. Install the batteries by sliding the top battery in to the sleeve first, then depressing the spring with the other battery and snapping down in place. Pay attention to the (+) or (-) molded into each sleeve to determine if you insert the positive or negative end into the sleeve first. Negative battery terminal always contacts the spring

    The 2016 MP8 scouting camera is simple to operate and it takes still pictures and video. We feel it is the best camera for hunting we have for the price.

  • Accessories

    Bears and Wild Hogs are some of the toughest animals around but even they are not a match for the DLC Covert Bear Safe.

    Bears and Wild Hogs are not the only thing in the woods these days that may harm destroy or even steal your Trail Cameras! Today you have to not only worry about the other wild animals destroying your Investment that you have made in a quality trail camera.

    These days you have to even worry about people taking your cameras. Why not protect your investment with at DLC Covert Bear Safe.

    This safe for your trail cameras is made of a durable 14-gauge steel and protects your camera from the weather and from theft. DLC Covert has one to fit all of the DLC Covert trail cameras.

    It prevents animals from chewing on your camera and can attach and secure with lag bolts, strap, cable (not included).
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