Covert Deuce Hybrid IR/white flash

Covert Deuce Hybrid IR/white flash
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Product Description

Covert Deuce Hybrid IR/white flash
The Deuce is based off the Extreme series and includes a built in viewer and the same high quality components with the addition of a xenon white flash and 22 IR LEDS. The Deuce has the option of taking high quality full color images at night or “Covert” Infrared black and white images at night. Comes in Mossy Oak Infinity camo.

Technical Specs:

-5MP Color CMOS

-Dual flash: traditional white strobe or IR

-22 high intenstiy Infrared LED’s with a flash range of 30’

-up to 16GB SD/SDHC card

-Takes pictures or video

-Adjustable picture resolution: 5MP= 2560x1920, 3MP= 2048x1536

-Video resolution: 640x480 (16fps)

-Trigger speed 1.2sec

-Interval 1sec-60min

-Photo burst 1-3 images

-Adjustable PIR sensitivity (low, med, high)

-Date/Time stamp

-2” color viewing screen

-5.5”x3.5”x2.2” in size

-Operates on 4 or 8 AA batteries

-Weather Proof