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Covert Reveal 8.0 Game Cam
Covert Reveal 8.0 Game Cam
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Product Description

Covert Reveal 8.0 Game Cam
Covert Reveal 8.0

Technical Specifications

  • 8MP
  • Powerful White Flash w/ 60 foot range
  • Operates on 8AA batteries
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Wired programmer with color viewer
  • Still photos or videos(daytime only)
  • Threaded tripod insert
  • Up to 8GB SD/SDHC card

    After Covert introduced their first white flash cameras in 2011 with huge success, they still were not quite satisfied. Covert did not just want a white flash camera they wanted the BEST white flash camera.

    In 2012 DLC Covert Scouting Cameras has increased the resolution to 8MP, installed a more powerful Xenon flash, and reworked the image processing software which all combined produces a professional print quality full color photo 24 hours per day.

    The Covert Rveal 8.0 trail camera operates on 8AA batteries and has an adjustable sensitivity, it is operated with a wired programmer that has a color viewer. This Covert trail camera takes still photos and video in full color. The video is DAYTIME ONLY!

    Still photos are color in daytime and black and white at night. The Reveal 8.0 saves video and images on an SD card and it can use up to a 8GB SD/SDHC card.

  • Accessories

    Covert Bear Safe (Fits 2011 Extreme/Reveal 2012 Reveal)
    Bears and Wild Hogs are some of the toughest animals around but even they are not a match for the DLC Covert Bear Safe. Bears and Wild Hogs are not the only thing in the woods these days that may harm destroy or even steal your Trail Cameras! Today you have to not only worry about the other wild animals destroying your Investment that you have made in a quality trail camera. These days you have to even worry about people taking your cameras. Why not protect your investment with at DLC Covert Bear Safe. This safe for your trail cameras is made of a durable 14-gauge steel and protects your camera from the weather and from theft. DLC Covert has one to fit all of the DLC Covert trail cameras. It prevents animals from chewing on your camera and can attach and secure with lag bolts, strap, cable or padlock (not included).
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    Covert Bear Safe (Fits 2011 Extreme/Reveal 2012 Reveal) TCM-DLCBS2076
    This item is currently out of stock!