Little Acorn 5210A Trail Camera

Little Acorn 5210A Trail Camera
The Little Acorn Ltl-5210A is a easy to use, small, energy efficient trail camera.

When looking for a trail camera some of the things you want to look for are:
  • Is it easy to set up?
  • Is it easy to install?
  • Is it Waterproof?
  • What about the videos?
  • What about the photos?
  • How long does the battery last?
  • How much storage does it have?

    What comes with the Little Acorn Trail Camera?

    Little Acorn trail camera comes in a cardboard box.

    Inside the box is:
  • The Little Acorn trail camera
  • A strap to attach it to a tree (or what ever you attach the Little Acorn trail camera to)
  • A USB cable
  • A video cable
  • A warranty card
  • A User's Manual for the Little Acorn trail camera

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    Is it easy to set up?

    Yes. I found the Little Acorn easy to use and set up. The Little Acorn has a built in screen for review in the field and it is used for programming this trail camera. As with all trail cameras I recommend that you get to know the camera BEFORE you go to the woods to set up the camera.

    Once you open the Little Acorn you will find the main difference between the Little Acorn and other trail cameras is that the Little Acorn has two parts. One is the Little Acorn trail camera itself and the second is the battery box, which has a cradle that you put the strap through and attach to the tree with.

    On the right and left side there are clips (one on each side) that hold the camera to the battery box. Once you open the clips put the battery box to the side.

    When you look at the Little Acorn with out the battery box you will see on the back of the Little Acorn all of the controls. This is where you control the Little Acorn 5210A. I encourage you to read or at least go through the manual for the 5210A so you will be somewhat familiar with this trail camera before you get into the woods to set it up.

    Once you check out the back of the 5210A for all of the controls turn the camera where the bottom is facing up and on one side you will find a latch that you will have to turn the top part and then the bottom will open.

    This where you will find the battery compartment the slot for the SD card the USB connection the Video connection and a 6V power connection. Just slide the battery compartment open and insert the batteries.

    After installing the batteries and SD card with the camera. Look at the power switch and you will see it has 3 positions OFF/ON / TEST. Slide the power switch to the test position. After the Little Acorn comes on and cycles through it’s opening cycle press the MENU the screen will will go to blue and you will see all of you options to adjust the settings on this trail camera.

    In the SETUP screen you will find MODE this is where you will set if you get photos (CAM) or video or both. The 5210A has a lot of features one of which I thought was very cool. The Little Acorn has a mode that will take photos and video all in one cycle. What it does is take 1,2 or 3 pictures (what ever you have it set at) then it will go to video after the last photo is taken.

    On the second line of the setup screen you have a option to format the SD card I recommend that you DO format the SD card when you put it in the Little Acorn. This will cut down on bad pictures that you get like the over exposed the ones that have Ghost images in them. The only thing you want to make sure of before you Format the SD card is make sure you have saved the images and videos that are on the SD card because all of the data will be deleted.

    Photo Size is the next line this is where you set the megapixel you choices are 5mp or 12mp. Next line is video size 640X480 or 320X240 I recommend the 640X480. Next line Set Clock this is where you set the clock and date. Next line is Picture NUMBER this is where you set 1,2,3 photo burst. Next is video length you can set the video length to 1-60 seconds. Just remember the longer the video the more space you use on the SD card and the more battery life you use. I recommend using 10-15 seconds this should give you plenty of time.

    Next is Intervals this is where you set the amount of time between cycles be it video or photos. Remember it will be this time + the amount of time it takes to save the data to the SD card. Next is Sensitivity level NORMAL/HIGH/LOW.

    Next is Time Stamp this is where the 5210A will put the time on the photo so you can monitor when the animal is at the spot. Next is Timer this is where you can set a certain time for the camera to be operational. Next Password this is where you can set a password so only you operate the Little Acorn.

    Next is Serial number this is where you can assign a number for your Little Acorn in case you have more than one Little Acorn this will put the assigned number on the picture so you can tell different locations. Next is Time lapse you can shoot time lapse to cover an area to see where the Deer are coming from before they enter the range of the sensors. If using TIME LAPSE I recommend using 8 batteries and a large SD card. You will be taking a lot of photos.

    Next is Side PIR this is where you use the side sensors to cover a wider range. Turn id ON the side sensors will indicate something in the area that is about to get in front of the camera lens but not to the normal sensor range. This should cut down on the images of only the back half of the deer. Next is Default Set this will set the Little Acorn 5210A back to it factory settings.


    Is it easy to install?

    Yes. When you get ready to go to the woods you want to remember to bring a few things with you. The Little Acorn trail camera, batteries, an SD card, and the strap.

    The strap is easy to use, unlike some trail camera straps the Little Acorn strap is all in one no extra parts.

    Is it Waterproof?

    Yes the Little Acorn 5210A is waterproof. As long as the cover is closed and secure and the battery box is secure to the camera. If you are going to put this or any trail camera in low lying area near creeks or rivers. Be sure that you install the camera high enough that if the area floods your camera will not be under water.

    It is waterproof but it CANNOT be submerged in water. Also you need to inspect the trail camera housing for any cracks. Believe it or not sometimes the deer and especially HOGS get ruff with the trail cameras and may damage them.

    To help prevent this you can get what is called a Bear / Security safe for your trail camera. Basically it is a steel box that you secure to the tree and the camera goes inside this box.

    The safe can be secured to the tree with a Master lock python cable so you can lock it all up. For the Little Acorn the price will be $34.99 for the safe. Master Lock python cable 3/16” $15.99 and 5/16” is $19.99. These ar the prices at

    Bear/Security Safe for Little Acorn 5210A $39.99 Master Lock python cable 3/16” $18.99 Master Lock python cable 5/16” $22.99

    What about the videos?

    The videos are very good color in daylight and black and white at night. Remember to choose between VGA 640 x 480 (16 fps) or QVGA 320 X 340 (20 fps). You can also adjust the lengths of the videos from 0 second to 60 seconds. The videos are in AVI format.

    640 x 480 videos are about 300 kb per frame that makes it about 17 MB per second, and about 1054 MB per minute. All this said and after talking with the manufacturer no one can tell you exactly how much video you can get on a card but you can expect to get 1 to 2 hours of video with a 1GB SD card.

    Realistically so you may get around a hour or more on a 1GB SD card. We will be giving a 2GB SD card for ever MP6 purchased from

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    320 x 240 videos are MUCH LOWER quality and don’t take up as much room, about 150 kb per second, so you can get much more video on a 1 or 2 Gb card but it is not as good quality.

    I did not do a 320 X 240 video I feel that the 640 X 480 is a good quality

    I recommend using 640 x 480 resolution for 10 to 15 seconds if you’re checking your camera at least once or twice a week. This will give you plenty of video to see what is in the area and it will not use as much of your battery.

    What about the photos?

    I think the photos are very good. Remember as with any IR (Infrared) camera you will have two types of photos. COLOR in Daytime and BLACK and WHITE at night.

    At times you will get some of your photos that just don't look good they may be anything from fuzzy to half of the photo may be in black and white and half in color. Most of this can be eliminated when you FORMAT the SD card.

    On this Little Acorn you can choose the megapixel of the photos you can choose from 5 or 12MP. Both will produce good photos both day and night. I recommend using the 5 MP.

    Remember when you program your trail camera to set the photo BURST this is the amount of photos taken each time the camera is activated. On this camera you can choose 1, 2, or 3 photo BURST.

    The Little Acorn has 24 IR lights so it can light up a pretty good area at night so it will take good photos at night. Sometimes just at dark you will get some not so good quality photos but again format the SD card and most of this will be eliminated.

    With 24 IR lights this Little Acorn according to the manufacture has a flash range of 65 feet I am not sure of the 65 feet but it will reach on out there and get the image and video.

    Remember the Little Acorn Trail Camera has 2 different MP (megapixel) setting and in 5 MP or 12 MP you should get somewhere around 1879 photo with a 2G SD card. Remember it will depend on a lot of factors this is just a estimate of the amount.

    How long does the AA battery last?

    This Little Acorn Trail Camera can be ran with 4 or 8 AA batteries. I recommend using 4 if you are going to just be taking photos and will be checking the camera regularly. If you are going to be taking video use 8 AA batteries at a time or even use Lithium.

    I used regular AA alkaline batteries and they lasted for several weeks shooting in the photo/video mode. If you use AA lithium batteries the Little Acorn trail camera could last for several months.

    AA alkaline batteries pack of 4 will run you anywhere from $2.50 to about $5.00 versus a 4 pack of AA lithium batteries will cost you $9.95 and up. Always carry some extra batteries in your pocket just in case!

    Don't forget you can also attach a 6 volt external power source.

    How much storage does it have?

    The Little Acorn trail camera only has one type of storage and that is on an SD card. It can accept an SD card up to 16GB. For a limited time will be offering a free 2 GB SD card for every Little Acorn sold.

    Additional 2GB cards will be offered for sale if you want to have extras for quick change out in the field.

    2GB SD cards $15.00

    A 2GB SD card will store a lot of photos and videos. The Little Acorn will show on the viewing screen an estimate of the amount of photos the what ever size card you have in the camera. I used a 2G card and it showed that 1879 photos could be stored. You can find a lot of charts on the Internet about how many can be stored but if you use at least a 2G card you should have plenty of storage.

    Now if you are using this Trail Camera in TIME LAPS mode you need to use a SD card that is larger than a 2G. I recommend using at least a 4G but a 8G card will be even better. The Little Acorn 5210A will accept up to a 16 G SD card. You will be needing a large amount of storage because you will actually be taking a lot of photo. I also recommend using 8 batteries.

    Basically you are taking a photo every few seconds you can even set the camera to take a photo every 5 Second to every 8 Hours. You may want to use the timer when you use the TIME LAPSED mode.


    I give the LITTLE ACORN: 4 stars out of 5

    It is small and lightweight. It records video in two different resolutions and still photos in color and black and white. Some times when I went back to the camera and tried to view what was on the card while it was still in the camera it took me a while to get it to work but as my Dad use to say I may not have been holding my mouth right.

    I give this trail camera a big “Thumbs Up” it was very easy to operate and with the manual it was easy to learn. You don't have a remote to worry with or forget. It has a viewing screen to check your photos with in the field. The Little Acorn trail camera is very reasonably priced. Trail Cameras and More has the Little Acorn 5210A for $209.95 and the Little Acorn 5210A low glow for $214.95 plus FREE shipping. The low glow is the same camera but you can not see the IR lights.

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