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OldBoys Little Acorn MMS Wireless Trail Camera
OldBoys Little Acorn MMS Wireless Trail Camera
Item# TCM-LTL5210MM
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Product Description

OldBoys Little Acorn MMS Wireless Trail Camera
OldBoys Little Acorn MMS Wireless Trail Camera is the second generation of our Ltl-5210 scouting camera. With its highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor, the camera detects the sudden change of ambient temperature caused by moving game in a region of interest (ROI), triggers to take pictures/videos, and sends the images via GSM network to the users cell phone or email account.


  • 12-Megapixel high-quality resolution.

  • Infrared night vision LEDs for 65 foot flash range

  • Cam + Video mode enables camera to take both pictures and video at every trigger event

  • Color pictures/videos in daytime and black/white pictures/videos at night

  • Ultra low standby power consumption. Extremely long in-field life (in standby mode, up to 6 months with 8 x AA batteries)

  • Side sensors provide wider sensing angle by which the camera captures game right in the center of the picture

  • Perform in extreme temperatures from -22F to 158F

  • Compact size (5 x 3 x 2 inches). Well designed to deploy covertly

  • Impressively quick trigger time (1.2 second)

  • Uses up to a 16 GB SD Card

  • Programmable to work as Time-Lapse camera taking pictures/videos in long range day and night

  • With Timer setting on, programmable to work only in specified period every day. This feature can be used together with Time Lapse feature to meet your timetable

  • Serial Number setting enables you to code locations in the photos, helping multi-camera users identify locations when reviewing photos on home computer

  • Built-in 2 inch TFT color display to set up parameters and review pictures/videos

  • Date, time, temperature and moon phase can be stamped in the pictures

  • Lockable and password protected to prevent unauthorized access

  • Two MMS image size options: 640 x 480 or 320 x 240

  • Configuration of the camera is a snap by running the user-friendly software on the enclosed CD

  • Advanced Remote Cellular Technology transmits images to your cell phone and/or email account constantly at lower battery consumption and shorter transmission time, compared to products of its kind on the market.

  • Automatically send text alert when battery power level goes low

  • Check cellular signal information on the built-in TFT display in the field

  • Internal antenna makes camera portable while still emitting strong signal within security box

  • Operates globally via GSM/GPRS network. Supports four bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz.