Primos Truth Cam 35

Primos Truth Cam 35
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Product Description

Primos Truth Cam 35
This could be the easiest to operate camera ever developed without sacrificing performance. Simply load 4 "D" cell batteries, insert your SD card and slide the switch to photo or video and this camera is ready to go. With 3.0-MP resolution and a 35-LED bank that allows quality image capture out to 40 ft – in all light conditions, day or night – this affordable infrared scouting camera gives you everything you need to prepare for a great hunt. 1.5 second trigger speed (0.3 second when camera is not in sleep mode). This camera features a 40 ft. extended night range.

TRUTH CAM’S ARE AS SIMPLE AS IT GETS! Come pre-configured out-of-the-box with optimal default settings. Easy as installing batteries and a SD memory card to start recording pictures and videos.

TRUTH CAM Advantages:

- Easy to understand quick instructions are printed on camera door for easy reference* - Allows selection of number of active LED’s (more night range or battery life)** - Captures photos or video - Molded security cable hole through case provides theft prevention - Primos reliability and customer support – 1 Year Warranty - Supports up to 8 GB SD card, for months worth of images


- Exceptional Trigger Speed

- Menu Design

- Quality Photo/Video Infrared Range

- Battery Life

- Security