Primos Truth Cam 60

Primos Truth Cam 60
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Product Description

Primos Truth Cam 60
Step up your scouting with this feature rich camera that delivers results every time. The Truth Cam 60 allows you to adjust the amount of active LED’s so you can have extreme night time range and even longer battery life. This camera features a back lit LED screen with large easy to read menu settings. Reliably capture photos or video with date, time, temp., and moon phase information so you know the best times to hunt. All settings, including camera resolution, are adjustable for optimal performance. This camera features a 1.5 second trigger speed (0.3 second when camera is not in sleep mode) Thin, low-profile design with Matrix camo finish. This camera features a 60 ft extended night range. Camera is 8.75" Height and 6.625" Width and 2.875" Depth

TRUTH CAM’S ARE AS SIMPLE AS IT GETS! Come pre-configured out-of-the-box with optimal default settings. Easy as installing batteries and a SD memory card to start recording pictures and videos.

TRUTH CAM Advantages:

- Easy to understand quick instructions are printed on camera door for easy reference*

- Allows selection of number of active LED’s (more night range or battery life)**

- Captures photos or video

- Molded security cable hole through case provides theft prevention

- Primos reliability and customer support – 1 Year Warranty

- Supports up to 8 GB SD card, for months worth of images

* Truth X Cam has on-screen instructions instead **All models except Truth Cam 35


- Exceptional Trigger Speed

- Menu Design

- Quality Photo/Video Infrared Range

- Battery Life

- Security